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Our wine list boasts over twenty-five different wines, from dry, oaked, Cabernet, to sweet blackberry dessert wine, and everything in between.

While perusing this wine list, it's important to understand that we at the Winery at Wilcox produce wines specifically designed for you, our valued customers.

When conducting our Wine Tasting, you will experience locally grown and produced wines that are crafted for our local friends and neighbors, but which leave aficionados both surprised and delighted. That's our creativity. That's our expansive wine list. That's our FLAVORS! Salut!

Our DRY Wines

Pinot Noir A light to medium bodied red that is well balanced and oak aged for 11 months to achieve soft tannin structure. The nose has hints of licorice, raspberry and molasses. Full potential for aging is 2 to 5 years. Pairs well with poultry, grilled fish and light red sauces. Pinot Noir is currently out of stock.

Cabernet Sauvignon
A classic European varietal tastes of ripe blueberries and tannins. Barrel fermented and aged in American oak, this complex red goes well with beef and heavy brown or red sauces. $15.49

SOLD OUT: Merlot Bursting with fresh, tart cherry and blueberry aroma, supported by soft tannins from oak, this classic will pair well with rich beef and lamb dishes. SOLD OUT: Merlot is currently out of stock.

This is the Winery at Wilcox's version of a 'naked' Chardonnay. Fermented in stainless steel, this Chardonnay does not have a trace of Oak. Best enjoyed if drank within 2-3 years. Pairs well with fish and chicken as well as spicy foods. Best served chilled. $13.49

This French varietal is crisp, with a delicate suggestion of citrus on the palate. Finished off dry, it will compliment rich white sauces, strongly flavored fish, pork or veal dishes $14.99

Gruner Veltliner
This wine is crisp and refreshing dry white wine with notes of peach and pineapples on the nose and on the tongue. The blend of tropical fruit and pleasant acidity goes well with the earthy mineral tone to strict a fine balance. It is perfect match for seafood and chicken. Recommended serving temperature is 55 degrees. $14.99

Reserve Chardonnay
Crisp and full bodied with prominent vanilla flavors from oak $17.99

Our SEMI-DRY Wines

Pinot Grigio
Made in a non-traditional style, this wine is less acidic and fruitier than a typical Italian style Pinot Grigio. It is soft on the palate with a light fruit and floral nose. A great accompaniment to pasta with white cream sauces. $14.99

Elk Country Red
Elk Country Red is a 'Chianti' style red with a touch of residual sugar and no oak. This medium to light body red is a blend of Chambourcin and Chancellor grapes. Goes great with pasta and red sauces, as well as pork and beef. Best served at room temperature. $10.09

This Germanic style Riesling has hints of citrus and nectar on the nose, giving way to tastes of melon and honey. Pairs well with fresh fruit and cheese plates. $14.99

Elk Country White
A semi-dry offering- this wine, made with Cayuga grapes, is crisp and lean with a pronounced citrus nose. Will compliment a wide array of foods, most notably pasta with white sauces, seafood and fowl. $10.09

A semi-dry white wine that will pair well with a wide range of food items. The bouquet has hints of ripe citrus fruit and heavy spice. Just enough sweetness to balance the acidic nature of the grape, and to bring out the crisp lemon finish. Enjoy slightly chilled or room temperature. $12.99


East Branch Sunset
The Winery at Wilcox's answer to those who seek White Zinfandel. This is a blend of red and white hybrid grapes that is finished off slightly sweet and has a delicate salmon color. A higher quality alternative to the mass produced White Zin. $10.09

Autumn Leaves
A semi-dry red wine that is great on its own or heated with sugar and spices as a mulled wine. Great for cold fall or winter nights by the fire. $10.09

Elk Country Blush
A blend of white and red hybrid grapes that is finished off slightly sweet and has a delicate pink color. $10.09

Our SWEET Wines

Hunter Red
This is a sweet and fruity wine made from 100% Concord grapes. Considered semi-sweet, this wine is like grape juice with a kick! $10.09

Rasselas Rose
A semi-sweet blend of Catawba and Concord grapes. This wine is named for a local road that connects Wilcox to the East Branch Dam. $10.09

Wedding White
A sweet, tart and fruity white wine made from the Catawba grape. Can be enjoyed at dinner or with cheese and crackers. This wine was served at the weddings of Mike and Carol's daughter and niece. $10.09

Bear-ly Blush
A lovely salmon tinted blush made entirely from the Stueben grape. This slightly sweet wine has hints of cotton candy on the nose. Goes well with light cheeses and pasta. $10.09

Clarion River Red
The Winery at Wilcox's most popular wine, Clarion River Red is a sweet and spicy blend of Concord and Niagara grapes that is the ultimate party wine. With a devoted fan base, Clarion River Red has truly taken on a life of it's own. $10.09

Made from the Niagara grape, this is a sweet and fruity offering. If you close your eyes you would swear you were biting into a fresh sweet grape. Not pretentious, just packed with grape flavor. $10.09


Made from 100% blackberries (no added color or flavor) this wine is an intense feast for the senses. Made in the cordial style, Schwartzbeeren is rich and sweet with intense blackberry flavor. Your taste buds will truly be overwhelmed. Serve after dinner with ice cream, cheesecake or alone AS dessert. $19.99

Made in the same cordial-style as our Schwartzbeeren, this 100% raspberry wine is perfect for after dinner. Try serving as a drizzle over ice cream, cheesecake or fresh fruit. $19.99

SOLD OUT: Buck's Backwoods Brew A rich and bold Port style Chambourcin with hints of ripe blackberries on the palate. Along side the sweet blackberries are soft tannins and black licorice hints which are characteristic of the Chambourcin grape. Makes an ideal after dinner drink SOLD OUT: Buck's Backwoods Brew is currently out of stock.

Port of Chambourcin
Made in a very non-traditional way, this 100% Chambourcin port comes to you fermented NOT fortified. With lingering hints of rich, ripe berries, tobacco and black licorice. $19.99

Sweet and dreamy, just like your childhood ice cream favorite! This all natural wine has crisp sweet orange flavor then finishes with soft creamy vanilla! Limited release, only available this summer! $14.99


A slightly sweet carbonated wine for toasting any special occasion or just life itself! Always serve chilled. $13.09

Clarion River Rapids
Everyone's favorite gone bubbly! Clarion River Rapids is the sparkling version of Clarion River Red. Always serve chilled. $13.49

Blueberry Mist
Intense blueberry flavor with sweet and tart characteristics. This wine, made from 100% blueberries (no added colors or flavors)has twice won the Governor's Cup for the best fruit wine in Pennsylvania! Always serve chilled. $19.99

Peach Mist
Soft and rich in aroma, Peach Mist is made from 100% peaches (no added color or flavors). This bubbly Peach wine can be enjoyed by itself, with fresh fruit or with orange juice as a tasty Mimosa. Always serve chilled. $13.49

Strawberry Mist
Scents of strawberry jam hit your nose, while bubbles tantalize your taste buds. This 100% strawberry sparkling wine is a sure hit with strawberry lovers and a nice addition to our sparkling wine collection. Always serve chilled. $14.99


Spiced Apple
A spicy apple wine with hints of cinnamon and cloves, great chilled in the summer months or a tasty treat mulled in the winter while next to the fireplace. $12.99

Wintry Nights
Holiday wine from Concord grapes and Downyland apples is blended with special Christmas spices. This lovely seasonal can be served chilled or mulled. $12.99

Cranberry Wintry Nights
A new taste on one of our seasonal favorites! A blend of cranberries, apples, and holiday spice! $12.99

Summer Days (Seasonal)
The first citrus wine ever produced at The Winery at Wilcox contains the best of both worlds! Sweet ripe strawberries blended in to tart, crisp lemon wine. Just enough sweetness to offset the acidic lemons, and not too heavy for those sweltering 'Summer Days'! $12.99

Summer Days Peach (Seasonal)
Introducing a new twist on our summer Days! Reminiscent of days spent lazing in the shade and watching fireflies dance in the air with sweet peach lemonade in hand, kick back and sip on summer in a glass. $12.99

Summer Days Raspberry (Seasonal)
Prepare your taste-buds for an interesting new flavor of our Classic Summer Days, raspberry! Just the right amount of sweet raspberry wonderfully combined with tart lemon to help you make your summer refreshing. $12.99

Rich in notes of honey, peach, citrus and apple, luxuriously layered flavors that tickle your nose and invite your palate to savor it with every sip. $15.99

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