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Pinot Grigio

$14.50 Per Bottle

Made Old World Style with a New World Twist! Soft lake breezes allow the fruit to mature, creating a soft palate, crisp acidity and tropical fruit flavors. It is a dry, light-bodied white  with aromas of lemon-lime, pear, and stone fruit like peach and apricot. You may also notice scents of almond, baking spices, or honeysuckle. It pairs well with seafood and with light pasta dishes and cheeses like gruyere and manchego. Try serving it with fresh salads like a wheat berry salad with pears or a crunchy, creamy salad like fennel avocado salad. Since the wine is fairly acidic, it is recommended to avoid pairing it with foods that have high acid contents, like citrus fruits or tomato-based recipes.

DryMedium DryMedium SweetSweet

DryPinot Grigio12%

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