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Darke Side of the Moon: Ice Wine (375 ml bottle)

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Limited release ice wine: Darke Side of the Moon: just in time for eclipse!!

ICE WINE! Yes please tell me more!

Vidal Blanc grapes that are picked on the first frost of the season, very tedious process leaving the grapes unharvested and wait for winter to set in. The fruit left on the vine after the normal fall harvest is vulnerable to rot, ravaging winds, hail, hungry birds and animals.

This is a sweet wine, strong aromas of apricot and honey, tastes of stone fruits and tropical notes. A truly unique experience for your tasting palette.

Very LIMITED release! IMPORTANT info below!!
*This wine is NOT available for shipping! Even if it shows shipping in the checkout cart, this is NOT eligible to be shipped!!
*Please note that your bottle(s) of Darke Side of the Moon can only be picked up NO earlier than 24 hours after payment is made. Our system requires this time to complete the sale on our end. Thank you for your understanding and patience!
*Only a limited amount will be released ONLINE or IN PERSON today (Fri April 5th), Saturday (April 6th) and Monday (April 8th). When it’s gone, that is absolutely all there is. This is the best way we know how to be fair to everyone who either works during day/night etc.
*You CANNOT purchase this wine at the same time as event tickets online. If you do, your order will be canceled. NO exceptions. If you need to order wine (including ice wine) and event tickets, you MUST place TWO separate orders.


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