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Our wine list boasts over twenty-five different Ohio wines, from dry, oaked, Cabernet, to sweet blackberry dessert wine, and everything in between.

While perusing this wine list, it's important to understand that we at the Winery at Versailles produce wines specifically designed for you, our valued customers.

When conducting our Ohio Wine Tasting, you will experience locally grown and produced wines that are crafted for our local friends and neighbors, but which leave aficionados both surprised and delighted. That's our creativity. That's our expansive wine list. That's our FLAVORS! Salut!

Our DRY Wines

Chardonnay (2012)
"New Age" Chardonnay, fermented in stainless steel and rested on French Oak, with flavors of green apple and soft oak spice. Serve with fish and fowl. $13.50

Vinter's Reserve Chardonnay
Barrel fermented , proving to be a well-balanced, fully rounded wine. Green apple, lemon and per notes with a vanilla and toasty butterscotch finish. Age one to two years. $19.99

Pinot Grigio (2012)
Made Old World Style with a New World Twist! Soft lake breezes allow the fruit to mature, creating a soft palate, crisp acidity and tropical fruit flavors. Best with seafood. $13.50

Cabernet Sauvignon (2011) This full bodied European varietal tastes of ripe blackberries, cassis and leather. Barrel fermented and aged in French oak for eleven months. Goes well with beef, rich red and brown sauces. Cabernet Sauvignon (2011) is currently out of stock.

Merlot (2011) Flavors of red bramble fruit, along with toasted oak and a bit of nuttiness from aging in French oak. Merlot (2011) is currently out of stock.

Sauvignon Blanc
A clean full bodied wine that has a crisp, elegant and fresh taste. $15.99

Cabernet Franc
A hint of oak & subtle berry flavors add to this wine's pleasant mouth-feel. With tannin smooth beyond it's years, great body in the mid palate comes together for a nice finish. $15.99

Our SEMI-DRY Wines

Darke Red
Named after the county the Winery resides in, this is a blend of Chambourcin, Chancellor and Foch to create a rich, fruity and hearty bramble-berry and textured oak flavor. $9.99

Hints of peach and tropical fruit flavors for a flinty acid and new age wine. $13.50

Autumn Leaves
A blend of dry reds and a hint of Concord sure to please an array of palates with it's slightly dry start and fruity finish. Add mulling spices to create a welcoming drink at the holidays or unique wine by the fire. $9.99


This Riesling is a semi dry with peach and apple aromas followed by honey undertones and a touch of fresh pear and apricot flavors. With just a tiny touch of natural sweetness, this semi dry white wine pairs well with Thai or Indian cuisine or French and German classic dishes. $13.99


Buckeye Blush
For those who enjoy the White Zinfandel, this blend offers everything you enjoy about it. A blend of Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin create a fruity and slightly sweeter version of a White Zin with a softer finish and a rich color. Named an Ohio Quality Wine in 2013! $9.99

Hunter Red
Full bodied 100% Concord wine. Fruity, grapey with a touch of sweetness. $9.99

Mustang Rose
This blend of Chambourcin and Steuben highlights the best of both grapes with a mouth-filling grape flavor. Imagine sitting on your back porch on a hot summer day, eating fresh, cold grapes. $9.99

Rosatto Muscatto
A luxuriant rose with a mouth-watering crisp, acidic finish. Flavors of papaya, mango, tangerine, and honey. Great aperitif. $12.99

Our SWEET Wines

Wedding White
Made from 100% Catawba, an Ohio native grape. This light, soft, uncomplicated white wine has a slight tart finish. Traditionally served at all of the Williams' family weddings. $9.49

Rodeo Red
All time best seller here at the winery. Made from a blend of Concord and Niagara, this is the ultimate party wine. One of our "Celebration of Country Life" Series. $9.99

Rodeo Red (1.5L)
What could be better than a bottle of Rodeo Red? TWO bottles in ONE of Rodeo Red. That's right, we now offer our #1 best seller in a 1.5L bottle! *This bottle is currently NOT available for shipping! 17.99

Hints of jasmine and honey make this very fruity wine a wonderful reflection of the Niagara grape. It is reminiscent of the grapes you plucked from the vineyard, sucked the skins off and savored the sugary sweetness of the ripened fruit. $9.99

Spiced Apple
Made with locally grown and patented 'Downyland' apples from the Downing Fruit Farms, this unique and slightly spiced wine can be drunk chilled or mulled in your crock pot with our seasonal spices for a wonderful cold weather drink. $9.99

Hope Whispers
This late harvest Riesling style wine with a whisper of well ripened berries is not only a delicate, sweet and soft pink wine, but is also our symbol of support of breast cancer patients. For every bottle sold of Hope Whispers, The Winery donates $2 directly to the Wayne Health Care Cancer Center in Greenville,OH. $14.99

Rich in notes of honey, peach, citrus and apple, luxuriously layered flavors that tickle your nose and invite your palate to savor it with every sip. $15.99

Rabbit Red
This limited release wine started as a fun project for our annual Poutry Days celebration in our hometown and has become our 'mascot' wine (AKA: Rooster Red) with seasonal label design changes. Just in time for Easter, Rabbit Red is a pure, sweet Concord that is easy to drink chilled or even on ice. LIMITED release. This wine is NOT available to ship until Mon March 26th, but wine and shipping will be charged when you place your order. This is a PRE-SALE only on this wine. $10.99


Schwartzbeeren (750ml bottle)
What can you say about a wine that tastes like blackberry pie in a glass? Made from 100% blackberries, this dessert wine can be warmed, poured over ice cream, or served just as a dessert itself.(Always in limited quantities) $22.99

Pirate's Pour: SOLD OUT Chambourcin Port wine blended with blackberries, smooth and full bodied. Fermented to 20%, never fortified! Pirate's Pour: SOLD OUT is currently out of stock.

Olde Fort Port This 100% Chambourcin comes to you fermented to 19.2% alcohol, never fortified! Unfiltered, this after dinner drink will please your palate as well as your eye, where ruby red hues precede flavors of black licorice and cherries. Salut! Olde Fort Port is currently out of stock.


This 100% Pink Catawba is carbonated to create a slightly sweeter "Asti" style wine. $12.99

Blueberry Mist
Fresh, sweet and juicy 100% blueberries are used in this rich and bubbly sparkling wine with a gorgeous deep purple color! $19.99

Sweet and grapey! This is our bubbly version of Rodeo Red. Yeehaw! $13.50

Peach Mist
Well ripened juicy peaches give this sparkling wine a sweet yet soft and refreshing finish. Perfect when chilled ice cold on a hot summer day! Makes a fantastic Peach Mimosa! $13.50

Strawberry Mist
This gorgeous ruby red sparkling wine takes you back to the days of picking wild strawberries and eating them fresh from the plant. A year 'round favorite! $14.99

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